imCode has well established procedures for project management, quality assurance, testing and project planning.

We also have a proven agile methodology for project development, which means that both clients and partners can feel secure with our deliveries. 

In collaboration with the client's project organization imCodes project manager normally producea a quality assurance plan.

I samarbete med uppdragsgivarens projektorganisation tar imCodes projektledare normalt fram en kvalitetssäkringsplan. The development of this plan is a part of - and controls - the project. Any changes are only made after consultation with the client.

Each element of the plan shall be approved in writing by both parties and reflects the requirements of a so-called acceptance testing.

For larger porjects, test records are written at an early stage in the project as part of the technical performance specifications and system operation.

All new development is based on visual prototypes ("UseCase") or original design that can be discussed with the client and be set before we start programming.