Citizens dialogue with Participatory Budget

Postcards Haninge sent to all residents in Jordbro
(From Haninge municipality's website)

As part of the process of public dialogue, the municipality of Haninge will let all residents in the Jordbro area make suggestions for changes in the environment. Haninge has added SEK 400 000 to a special budget - a so-called citizens' budget. The money will be used to fulfill one or more of the suggestions people are voting for.

 Citizens Participatory Budget in Jordbro is one of the activities that fit within the civil dialogue framework. In the civic budget the municipality allocates SEK 400 000 (≈ EUR 40 000) to one or more particular actions Jordbro residents vote for. At meetings held on 19th and 26th september in Jordbromalm school  the suggestions and comments which emerged in the collecting phase of the dialogue, were discussed.

The idea is that residents will get to rank their priorities in November through the web. In december the council will decide upon action, based on the proposals.

The web based voting system the muncipality uses is one module in imCode´s  Democracy Portal, the Citizen Budget Ranking modul. The module allows residents to rank all proposals - in much the same way as in the vote of the Eurovision Song Contest on TV. Voting can be followed in real time both on the website and through an RSS feed that shows the current ranking.

Citizens Budget is one of several tools in the Democracy Portal currently being installed in a number of municipalities in Sweden.

Hillar Loor
Senior Partner
2012-11-17 ­