The Sami Parliament introduces new intranet

At the beginning of this year the Sami Parliament introduced a new intranet. The Sami Parliament is both an elected body and responsible for the exercise of public authority as regards Sami issues.

Staff are in their daily work spread out over large areas, from Östersund in the south to Kiruna in the north. Therefore, there are three important objectives of the intranet: to give all employees access to the same information, to allow collaborative work across geographical distances and to create an area where you can experience fellowship.
The Sami Parliament's intranet, which was put into operation in early 2012, is designed by the web agency RubyTuesday that has been working with the authority for a long time. They have created a combination of a traditional intranet with features like "Staff Handbook", "Documents", "Contact", "Facts" and collaborative and community spaces. They have also added Sami-inspired artwork to emphasize the Sami heritage and culture.

Immediately after entering the intranet home page, you see emotionally charged images melt into each other - the mountains, reindeer, people. Then you see a Facebook-like communication area, where you can chat and talk about anything you want to talk about. Much like a conversation at the coffee machine, but at large distances (Kiruna - Östersund is about 800 km).

Further into the intranet you find collaborative space where you can share documents, comments, links and work together.

Marie Enoksson is information officer at the authority and has been a project manager for the development. She is responsible for all information being entered into the system. Her colleague the staff coordinator has been preparing all information for month's and now all is available on the intranet. When asked what Marie thinks about the intranet, she says: "It is so good, there are so many facts related to the staff and it is now accessible to everyone."

Marie Enoksson specifically points out the graphic design of the intranet as important to the cohesion of the staff group. "It's nice," says Marie, "and it is easy to use."

But the road to a fully functioning intranet was not easy. "We have had quite a large circulation of managers in recent years, and all positions are still not filled with new managers. It is difficult to introduce new procedures to the whole staff if there are no managers who can go there" says Marie. "Management must be active with the intranet, otherwise it will be difficult. Right now probably mostly younger people are using the intranet. They are accustomed to Facebook and the internet in general. But I notice that there are more and more people coming in, so over time it will probably be used by everyone. "

During the autumn the development of the intranet content will continue. During a staff meeting in november the intranet will be a major information point. - "Then," says Marie - "the Sami Parliament should appoint a responsible daily intranet administrator. We go on at full speed, and we have had, and will have, great joy and benefit from all the work that has been done".

Hillar Loor