Company's values

The company's values are based on four cornerstones:

  • Openness & Transparency
    imCode recognizes everything we do open, we give insight into whatever the client wishes and we work in transparent processes where you can follow both prosperity and adversity.
  • Countering lock in effects
    imCode prevents lock-in in long and / or complicated contracts. We believe in free use, development and distribution of the products we supply.
  • Knowledge transfer
    imCode always try to stimulate knowledge transfer whether it's internally or between our clients.
  • Error Handling
    Error occurs. If we make a mistake, we correct it as soon as possible and with full transparency for our clients.

What does that mean?

imCode works primarily with the public sector. Over the years we have come to learn much about the specific issues and problems that our clients have. We have, for example, noted that many are heartily tired of being locked into contracts they do not understand, or do not understand why they are so expensive. They are tired of suppliers that have an arbitrary pricing and who would rather sell a bulk product that works passably, than a product that is truly tailored to the business.

Therefore, we advocate transparency. We prefer to work with clients who choose to work with us because they want to, not because they are locked by the agreement. We openly explain the work and the costs associated with each mission. Our processes are transparent, we do not hide what is happening either in prosperity or adversity. By being open, we create confidence and efficiency.

Openness & Transparency also means that it's easy to reach us and that support is well accessible.

We also encourage our clients to talk to each other. The efficient solutions are often in collusion with someone who had the same type of problem. If we can help, we do it gladly. And we encourage the use of each other's software and source code, often at a significantly lower cost than if each isolate themselves.

Each employee is well versed in the company's vision and goals. Participation and transparency in decision-making processes create a strong commitment and motivation to develop both as individuals and employees.