Project Workplace for national curriculum

imCode has continuously since 2004 worked with the Swedish National Agency for Education´s governing documents for the Swedish school. The work was conducted in conjunction with Logica (WM-data) and RedPill and is ongoing. In this article we give a little summary of what has happened over the years.
At the end of 2004, imCode got a request to create a project workplace for the Swedish National Agency for Education. The authority had a need to get about 800 experts to communicate about the new high school that would be launched in 2007. The requirements were straight forward - to ensure that any expert could communicate on any high school national curriculum - and the system must be up within 3 months.

After a quick study, we realized that the schedule forced an untraditional approach. The requirements were simply created as the system grew, that what we today call iterative development.

We built the system in 6 weeks. Then the the first documents are added in and the discussion begun. To start with it was used by a small test group - then with more and more participants. Pretty soon there were new curriculum for secondary schools in our system.

Then there was a change of government and the planned educational change in 2007 was postponed.

But the new government had plans of its own. This time not only for secondary school but also for the whole educational system in Swden. The Agency must again bring up a system in which the experts were able to communicate. This time, a much more complex system. They went out to some of the major suppliers and wanted to procure a complete project management system of the shelf. But the response from IT consultant were - "It's not on the market. School has special requirements."

Again got imCode contract to build a new system, this time with a more defined specification and with a some more time.

The Project Workplace was completed in the spring of 2009, and since then has continued to grow and develop. Today, it consists of three different systems for elementary school, high school, adult education and special education. Each system is connected with the Agency's system for the approved documents.

The flow is straight - documents are created and discussed in the Project Workplace and then transferd via XML to the document management system for approved documents and will eventually be approved by the Government.

We are proud to be a supplier to the Swedish National Agency for Education and happy to have learned so much about the Swedish school.

Hillar Loor
Senior Partner