Payment by credit card - flexible, simple & versatile


Payment by credit card is getting more and more common. During this spring The Almedalen Week (political week in Sweden), Folkemødet on Bornholm (Political festival in Denmark), the Gotland University et al, have activated credit card payment services via imCode:s imPayment server.

The importance of payment services can easily be seen if you look at how many events that are paid for during the Almedalen Week. Until the end of April the official calendar had received around 1400 event applications. From May 1 there is a price attached to every application. From this date there are another 700 applications calculated to be entered into the calendar.

The same proportions can be seen in the Danish corresponding political week - Folkemødet. They have received around 650 applications before the payment was activated. The calculated number of payable events this year will be another 300. Folkemødet is kept in June, The Almdalen Week in the beginning of July.

The total cost for internet based payment services vary around 2,5% - 4% of the transfered amount. In many cases this cost can be covered by a small administration fee that is added to every creditcard payment.

imPayment's services are delivered together with another Swedish/Gotlandic company - PayEx - who's payment portal is connected with imPayment. The payment services may also be connected to manual handling of bank account payments and/or invoicing.

Flexible, simple and versatile.