• Our Services

    imCode services are related to information given from the public sector to the citizen and vice versa, that is both one-way and two-way communication.

    Which are our areas?

     The company works with:

    • Handling information
      E g web based information like home pages, mobile apps etc.
    • Democracy tools
      Tools related to citizens dialogue and the processes that are required to get the dilaogue working
    • eGovernance/eServices
      Producitivity tools that makes life a lot easier both for administrators and the citizen.

    How can we assist your municipality?

    We have during many years been working with web content management, democracytools and eGovernance. We also have, for quite some time, experienced the possibilities and problems of the public sector, and we know that a specific eService not always needs to be large, expensive and difficult to integrate into other systems.

    We also know that the key success factor is to have well working internal processes in the Authority, quite independent of the technical support systems.

    Why cooperate with imCode Partner AB?

    The answer is simple - we have been working in close cooperation with the public sector in more than 15 years. We know what is possible to achieve and how to get realistic budgets. We have delivered systems to around 30 municipalities, and the number grows every year.

    Just give us a call and you will get as many personal references as you need.