I'mMap - geobased information

Is it hard to explain where something is situated?
How can
someone who never's been on the spot, know where it is?
How do
you explain where in the park the statue is located?

"imMap" solves your geobased information problems.

Geo-based information is based on a specific site or area. We use geo-based information daily without thinking about it. We find a specific bus stop's location on the web, we look at the resort map to understand how far away the beach is or we try to find directions one how to move from one point to another.

imMap makes it is easy to add geographic, map-based information to your website. imMap is base on google maps (but may be modified to other map-formats) and shows the geo-position on the map. imMap can display text and image-based information both inside the map and in a form outside of the map.

You can simply enter the information to be displayed and just add it on to the map.

This is how it works
imMap you can:

* show geographic positions on a map
* add any text in the position's marker
* add text, images and upload a file that appears in connection with the information
* change the content through dynamic forms
* change the layout and graphic design by changing a CSS file
* display the information either embedded in a page, in its own window or as a pop-up window

Reference agency: www.sametinget.se

Reference company: www.barnistan.se